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北海道 / 上川大雪酒造 / 上川大雪



  • 2020


    whiskytanuki whiskytanuki さん


    上川大雪 純米吟醸 彗星
    Kamikawa Taisetsu Junmai Ginjo Suisei

    Bottling Date (製年月): 2020.02 AB
    Temperature (温度): Served at 7-10°C

    Nose (香り):
    Floral(花), konpeito (金平糖) , light rice aroma(微かな米)

    Palate (味):
    Medium- body, Medium acidity, clean flavours
    Rice(米), sweetness(甘味), floral(花の香り), light citrus(微かな柑橘系の果物), mineral(鉱物)

    Finish (余韻):
    Medium finish, rice(米), mineral(鉱物), light acidity (柔らかいの酸味)

    This is the second time I've tried nihonshu from Kamikawa Taisetsu,
    my previous bottle was their Tokubetsu Junmai Suisei, which was a
    rather clean mineral driven sake when I tried it.

    The Junmai Ginjo Suisei however is my current favourite from this brewery,
    the nose has ample of ginjo-ka, nice floral sweetness, reminds me of the
    Japanese candy "konpeito", with nice backbone of rice aromas.

    The palate is very similar to the nose, nice balanced acidity, the body is
    a tad lighter, with a nice touch of citrus and mineral followed by a medium

    This is a good Ginjo with a nice bit of sweet flavours with acidity to balance, very pleasant.

    特定名称 純米吟醸

    原料米 彗星

    テイスト ボディ:軽い+1 甘辛:甘い+1

    上川大雪のレビュー by_whiskytanuki

    上川大雪 (北海道 / 上川大雪酒造)